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Live Pest Free In Melbourne With Our Pest Control Solutions

Welcome to Peters Pest Control Melbourne – a local company of Melbourne providing the Best Pest Control Melbourne Services. We have been delivering quality Pest Control Solutions for more than two decades all across Melbourne. Our professionals know that every pest is not similar and requires a different approach for their removal. We understand the difference between Commercial Pest Control Melbourne and Residential Pest Control, and we have specialized treatments for both. We have the best pest treatment for all pests, including mosquitoes, flies, fleas, rats, mice, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, house fly, dust mites, Indian meal moth, bird mites, grain beetle, fermentation flu, blowflies, spiders, biscuit beetle, and ants.

    Call The Most Trusted Pest Control Service In Melbourne – Peters Pest Control And Give A Tough Time To Pests.

    Residential Pest Control in Melbourne

    Your home is yours, and you don’t need to share it with anyone, especially pests. We have licensed and certified Pest Exterminators who deal with domestic pests such as house fly, rats, mice, bed bugs, spiders, mosquitoes, dust mites, ants, fleas, and flies. We are aware of the seasonal pests in Melbourne and have just the right cure for them. Call our customer care (available 24×7) to request a free quote for our domestic pest control services.

    Commercial Pest Control Service in Melbourne

    If pests disturb your working environment, we can help you with our exclusive commercial pest control solutions. Our team for Pest Control Melbourne lets you live peacefully, knowing that no pests roam around your commercial property. We have provided pest control solutions to food-related businesses, including food courts, hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, retail outlets, and cafes. Apart from this, we also extend our pest control solutions to local businesses such as offices, shops, industrial sites, warehouses, and even schools. You can ask for a one-time Pest Control Treatment and if pest infestation recurs, opt for our annual pest control solution.

    General Pest Inspection And Removal Melbourne

    Our Pest Exterminators are available to offer reliable services in your area. We do a proper inspection before sending a team of Pest Controllers. Our General Pest Inspection and Removal is a small process that gives a satisfying result to the customers. You can also call us for the same service or any other pest-related service in Melbourne. Any type of property you have, you can call us to remove pests effectively.

    Pre-purchase Pest Inspection Melbourne

    Our Pre-purchase Pest Inspection is affordable, this service is very useful as we inspect every corner of the property to make sure how much of your property is pest-infested. And, how much effort is required to make your place pest-free? The inspection helps to find out the best Pest Control Solution that you actually need.

    Emergency Pest Control Melbourne Service

    If you have an emergency no matter what is the reason, you can hire our Emergency Pest Controllers at any time. We can reach your pace within hours and provide you services as you want in Melbourne.

    Same Day End Of Lease Pest Control

    We are also available for delivering the Same Day End Of Lease Pest Control without any hidden prices. Our company sends a professional team that is very expert to do the job following a fast process. Just you need to tell us about your location and type of Pest Infestation around your property.

    Dead Pest Removal Service in Melbourne

    Dead Pests can be so annoying and it could be disgusting for you to remove them. But our professionals use masks and safety gear to cover themselves and remove dead pests. Our experts know the exact way to remove those pests and use Effective Pesticides to protect your property from pests recurrence. Just need to dial our number to book a Dead Pest Removal Service.

    Get Rid Of General Pests From Your Home:

    By hiring the professionals of Peters Pest Control, you can get rid of all the irritating general pests effectively with the help of practical solutions and eco-friendly techniques.


    Beetles can be increased in numbers so fastly but also they can survive many weeks without having food. And, if beetles are annoying you, the need is to call us for Beetle Control Services in Melbourne. Our Professionals are always ready to give the best services in Melbourne.

    beetle Pest Control
    borer Control Experts


    Borer is one of the insects that doesn’t hurt humans but they can damage wooden structures in your home. So, don’t let them spoil your home by making small holes in wooden structures and hire our Borer Control Melbourne expert at low cost.


    Mites can be considered clean insects but they are capable of being the spreader of infectious diseases such as typhus and rickettsialpox. We are aiming to protect the residents of Melbourne by providing professional pest management services to the people. If you want an affordable service get rid of Mite Infestation, you can call us.

    mite Control Melbourne
    possum Control Melbourne


    The Australasian marsupials are known as “possums”, and can bite humans with small but sharp teeth. Possums can be considered pests like rats but they can leave a mess while searching for food in your home. So, if possums invade your home, call our Pest Control Company. Our experts will provide you with marvellous services for Possum Removal anywhere in Melbourne you want.

    Rats & Mice / Mouse

    Rats & Mice are also pests that destroy food while invading your home. Sometimes, they bite and if babies are living with you, mouses can also hurt them. Also, these problems can cause tension to the people with living huge Rat Infestation in their houses. To save yourself from these issues, call our residential pest controllers.

    Rodent Pest Controllers


    Our service providers are specially trained in controlling any kind of household pests, even the Silverfish Pest Infestation. Our Pest Prevention tips make our customers happy and this results in getting good reviews from thousands of happy customers. We are 24/7 hours available to give you services for Silverfish Pest Control. So, be quick and hire us now!


    Spiders are very expert in making webs in wall corners. If you are also dealing with this issue and have to remove webs on a daily basis, call us. We use the best products for spraying spider pest repellent. We have organic pesticides for making your house free from spiders and spider’s webs.


    Termites could be destructive to the garden soil or plant. To save your plants and pets as well, you can hire Termite Controllers from our company. Reach out to us now for Spraying For Termites with our Advanced Pest Control methods.


    A diminutive fly with long legs and amphibian midges. The sting of the blood-sucking reproductive can spread signs of severe diseases such as malaria and elephantiasis. Therefore, we give you total protection from mosquitoes with our affordable and effective mosquito pest control services.


    Flies pass through the air using their wings. They are irritating; they create irritating buzz around your ears, and they usually contaminate the food items by sitting on them. Therefore, you must keep them away from your house by hiring our experts.

    Bees and Wasps

    Our professionals are offering the Bees And Wasps Control Services at a cost that you can easily afford. If you have timely noticed pest infestation in the home, then trying DIYs Pest Control Solutions can be dangerous. So, for the safety of your home, yourself, your family and pets, hiring professional help is the best option for wasp and bee removal.


    A bug with two large wings surfaced in infinitesimal incrustations, commonly unenlivened coloured and kept level when at leisure. Moths are particularly night-loving pests. We are offering moth control services to our customers if they are facing moth infestations.

    Crawling Pest Control in Melbourne

    Is your home under the attack of pests? Are you worried about your family’s health? Take quick action now. If there is a heavy infestation of pests in the home, chances are your loved ones may fall sick. Also, your favourite things are at significant risk of damage. When the density of pest infestation has grown to a greater extent, it can negatively impact your life.

    Peters Pest Control is the local and one of the most prefered companies for pest control in Melbourne. Our pest control professionals can serve you the best, whether there is a cockroach infestation, spider infestation, silverfish infestation, or ant infestation.

    Cockroach Pest Control

    Cockroaches are one of the most common pests that cause many problems after invading your houses; they contaminate the food, roam around your home, destroy peace, and seldom scare your kids. Hence, we are delivering the best services to remove the cockroach infestation from your house. Hire us today for Cockroach Control Melbourne Services.

    Spider Pest Control

    Spiders do not always leave their webs to sting humans. They usually spend their time in their nets to catch other diminutive pests. However, spiders can harm the health of your family members or pets because they are poisonous. So hire our experts for Spider Control And Removal anywhere in Melbourne.

    Ant Pest Control

    The negative thing about ant infestation is that we cannot feel it whenever they run on our body, and we notice only the red marks after getting bitten. Ants occur at a place where they find food and sugar items, and their accumulation number is not calculable as well. Therefore, the Professional Pest Controllers here are rendering the best services that will exterminate the present ant’s infestation and prevent future infestation.

    Bed Bugs Pest Control

    Bed bugs are usually found in your bed sheets or beneath them due to not cleaning the room thoroughly or using the old bedsheets for an extended period. Therefore, we are giving our customers Bed Bug Pest Control Services at affordable rates.

    Flea and Tick Control

    Fleas and ticks are tiny pests with no wings and a jumping bug that engulfs the lifeblood of animals. It hardly causes diseases through its sting. But they can be trouble for your pets. So summon the Flea Control Melbourne specialist of Peters Pest Control quickly to get rid of fleas and ticks with our Organic Pest Control methods.

    Rodent Pest Control

    Rodents are gnawing pests that include rats, mice and hamsters, discriminated against by fortified unwaveringly grown fangs. They can damage the clothes and furniture as well. Therefore you should not live with rodent infestation and eliminate them quickly from your home by hiring our Rodent Control Melbourne experts to get Budget Pest Control.

    How Do We Do Pest Control?

    Peters Pest Control has been using extremely effective pest control solutions to tackle all sorts of pest problems in Melbourne. Our Pest Control Solutions include:

    Heat Treatment

    One of the Best Pest Control is heat treatment used for exterminating hidden pests. Our tested Pest Control Solutions can secure common interests such as water hyacinth, moss products, grains, herbs, grass thatching, Bali bird seeds, and bark products. However, not everyone can use heat treatment with precision and high efficiency. Our technicians have expertise in using heat treatment for Complete Pest Control.

    Electronic Killer for Flying Insects

    Our team for Pest Control Melbourne makes use of electronic devices to kill flying insects. This device works on a technology that kills flying insects safely and hygienically without any mess. It is one of the best Non-Toxic Pest Control treatments. You can use these devices anywhere inside your office or home to clean your internal atmosphere from flying insects.

    Fumigation Services

    A licensed Pest Exterminator procedure overwhelms the construction with noxious fumes that exterminates all the termites and other insects. The gas, identified as a fumigant, also pierce timber woods where termites conceal. Fumigation is a complex and extreme pest eradication process, however usually an essential technique. We follow this procedure to extract the hidden pest infestations effectively.

    Bird Deterrents

    We don’t kill birds; on the other hand, we use a natural way as bird deterrents that make the bird population fly away from your premises. This pest control method does not harm the birds so that you can have peace of mind. Our methods include:

    • Bird spikes
    • Electric bird deterrent
    • Optical bird scarer
    • Bird netting

    Restaurant Pest Control in Melbourne

    We as Pest Control Melbourne experts also provide our customers with Restaurant Pest Control. When running a popular restaurant and having a reputation to maintain, you cannot let the pest do their trick. Taking pest infestation for granted in a restaurant can lead to a massive loss in business and reputation. You will lose the trust of your happy customers. And all that just because of those creepy pests wandering around your restaurant carelessly. And if you do not want your reputation to ruin in the customer’s eyes, make sure you have Professional Pest Controllers to check and secure your area.

    End of Lease Pest Control Services

    Employ An Efficient Team At Affordable Prices In Melbourne

    Suppose you are searching for a Pest Control team that you can afford at your comfort and cost. Then you can come to Peters Pest Control; we are affordable and one of the most efficient pest control teams, which has the complete expertise to eliminate pests from your residence. So hire us today as we offer you Affordable Pest Control Services.

    Best Pest Control Services Melbourne

    How To Prevent Pests Coming To Your Home?

    Peters Pest Control is available round the clock to deliver excellent Pest Control Solutions. But you need to take a few steps to prevent pests:

    • Change your dustbin bags daily.
    • Keep your home/office clean.
    • Store food in sealed airtight containers.
    • Use fly screens to cover your windows.
    • If something spills on the floor, clean it immediately.
    • Mop your home/office floors daily.
    • Wash your pets daily.
    • Mow the lawns and trim your plants regularly.
    • Keep a check on underneath the furniture.
    • Seal all cracks in walls, windows, and doors.
    • Do not keep dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

    Follow these steps but still, if pests trouble you, call Peters Pest Control!

    Why Choose Our Experts For Pest Control Services?

    Peters Pest Control is a leading name synonymous with reliable, professional, and lowest priced Pest Control Solutions. We are simply the best in Melbourne because:

    • We are locals of Melbourne.
    • Members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers.
    • Best Choice for Pest Control Near Me
    • Pet-Friendly Pest Control Service
    • Licensed team of Pest Exterminators
    • We use only Eco-Friendly Pest Control methods.
    • With us, you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges as we are giving Affordable Pest Control.
    • Our experts offer a free and fixed quote as they are completely committed to the work of Pest Control Melbourne.
    • We are the answer to All You Need Pest Control.
    • Our pest control solutions are available in all suburbs of Melbourne.

    Call Peters Pest Control to get rid of all your pest problems!

    Frequently Asked Questions on Pest Control in Melbourne

    What kind of pests does your team remove and control?

    We provide All Pest Control Services including cockroaches, spiders, bees, wasps, fleas, ants, and rodents. Call us to know more about Pest Control Services and make a booking and get the best service.

    Are Your Pesticides Safe To Use?

    Yes, we use only tested and eco-friendly chemicals that are safe and effective for pests and have minimum damaging effects on humans and pets. Even though we are known for our Pet Safe Pest Control, we still recommend keeping your pets and children away during the treatment.

    Can I get the service on Weekends?

    Yes, you can get the service on weekends from us for all types of pests present at your residential or commercial premises. Our doors are always open 24x7hrs for any resident of Melbourne to hire us when you need someone reliable for Pest Control in Melbourne.

    Trusted company

    Peters pest control can be trusted completely. I had to call peters pest control team to control flies and ants in my kitchen. They came up with the best solution and cleared it all. The team is excellent at their work and friendly too.
    - Simon

    Top Agriculture Pest Control

    Crop get damaged due to pest menace. I feel Peters Pest Control firming and agriculture provide great help to the farmer class of people. They have a good team of skilled staff having adequate knowledge to manage the pest. We ordered their services for your field. Their advanced technique can eliminate your pest issue from the root. they did a great work. I would like to recommend them to all my friends.
    - Georgia

    Amazing Work

    I rang up to inquire about Peters Pest Control services and incredibly they gave me advice about how to deal with it myself, as they didn't want to take my money if I could do it myself. The problem has disappeared. There's only one pest control company I will be going to from now on.
    - Don Bradman

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