5 Natural and Effective Ways to Treat The Cockroaches

Crawling creatures are said to be one of the most irritating pests and the famous one among them is the cockroach. They easily get attracted to a filthy kitchen, uncleaned dustbin, dirty water storage present in your home. These roaches constantly disturb your state of mind and spread some very dangerous diseases if present for a long time at your premises. So it is indeed very important to get rid of pest control in Lara as soon as possible.

Cockroach Control

Now why it is necessary to choose natural ways? The chemical solutions available in the market may not be safe for your loved ones and there is a chance of the situation being worse. So always get your hands on home remedies to treat these unwanted guests. 

Let us now see a few very effective and best home remedies to make your home roaches free. 

5 Natural Remedies for Cockroach Control

  1. Bay Leaves –

    Many homeowners are unaware that bay leaves can keep these creepy creatures away from their homes. Roaches cannot tolerate the smell of these leaves and will never enter a place where this remedy is placed for them. The good thing is, bay leaves are not at all harmful to humans and hence can be used as roaches repellent. 
  2. The Mixture of Baking Soda and Sugar –

    Another efficacious home remedy that can be used is the mixture of baking soda and sugar. It is proven to be one of the finest methods to get rid of roaches. All you have to do is take a bowl and mix an equal amount of baking soda and sugar in it, later sprinkle it all over the roaches prone area. Within no time you will find roaches getting attracted to it and killing themselves. 
  3. Lemon Juice –

    You may wonder how lemon juice can help you in controlling the roaches? But the fact is it consists of properties of anti-pathogenic which undoubtedly can be used against these roaches to make them leave your home. So to apply this method, take lemon juice and pour it little on your flooring where these roaches are usually found and clean it using a fresh towel.
    This will not only make these crawling creatures stay out of your home but also spread some good odour around. 
  4. Diatomaceous Earth –

    DE powder is well known for killing pests and thus it can also be used for treating the roaches. This powder is easily available in almost all the stores and is very safe for humans and pets. But ensure to choose only food-grade DE powder. You have to place a good amount of DE powder in the damped places of your home which are a regular spot of roaches. 
  5. Essential Oils –

    Many homeowners do not believe that essential oils are natural roaches repellent but it is indeed. There are many oils such as tea tree, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus which can be applied. Roaches hate the smell of these remedies and will try to run out of the place. Take cotton and apply the essential oils available in your home on it and place it over the corners.
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