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Borer Control Melbourne: Borers are those insects that make small tunnels in wood, or timber structures. They basically invade wooden structures and make holes in them. Borers are a lot of trouble when you have furniture at your home. If you are worried about the borers damaging the wood and other things at your property, then you can hire Peters Pest Control. We are the safest and reliable borer control service provider in Melbourne. You can give us a call and book stem borer treatment services with us.

Borer Control Melbourne Services
Borer Control in Melbourne

You can get a wide range of borer control services at our agency

At Peters Pest Control, we offer a range of comprehensive wood borer control services. Be it a residential area or a commercial place from which you want to get rid of borers, we are here to provide you with the best. 

  • Borer inspection and removal Melbourne- It is very difficult to detect the presence of borers in the house. There are many such signs that determine borer infestation but for that, you must have the proper knowledge and skills. Hence, we are here to help you with borer inspection and removal. 
  • Residential borer control Melbourne- There is no particular place where borers can attack. Most of the time you never even know if they have infested your home. That is why our professionals offer residential borer control services.
  • Commercial borer control- Similar to residents, there are many commercial areas that face borer infestation problems, that is why our team of borer controllers is always here to help you with commercial borer control. 
  • Emergency borer control services- Borers leave your wooden objects and furniture in very bad condition. In such cases of damage to your belongings, you would definitely think of emergency borer control services. Hire us for the same and get an instant result.
  • Same day borer control- Want borer control services on the same day of the booking? Hire us, our Borer Control Melbourne team will serve you in the best way. We offer excellent same day borer control services in all areas of Melbourne. 

Types of borers found in Melbourne

You must know that there are several species and types of borers found alone in Melbourne. Each species of borer has different characteristics and they also cause different damages. The extent of damage caused by every borer differs. Here are some borers found in Melbourne.

Anobium borer- These kinds of borers usually prey on softwood. They would not be found in any kind of hardwood timber. 

Lyctus borer- These bores are usually found in hardwood or other timber products made of pine. They attack at the edges and cause small pin-sized holes. 

Australian wood borer- Australian wood borers are the ones that can attack any kind of wood. Be it softwood or hardwood, they will attack your wood when it is moist, rotten, or contains fungus.

Wood weevil- Even these borers are similar to Australian wood borers while attacking both soft and hardwood. But there is one condition that wood weevils attack the wood only when it is already infested by wood-rotting fungus.

Why We Are Melbourne’s No.1 local borer control agency

There are many signs and symptoms that determine there is a borer infestation at your house. But if you are unable to figure out whether your house is infested by borers or not then hire us for proper borer infestation. We are one of the no.1 local borer control service providers in Melbourne. If you have doubts or problems regarding any kind of borer issues, you can come to us directly. Being a local borer control agency we are capable of providing the services quickly and on time. In fact, we even offer same-day borer control services as we have been working in Melbourne as a local agency for many years hire us and get Pest Free Premises in Melbourne


Are wood borers able to fly?

It can surprise a lot of people but yes, wood borers can fly. Although they cannot fly too high, their limit of flying reaches only up to windows, open doors, etc.

Can borers cause harm to humans?

To be honest, yes, borers can cause harm to humans but only to a certain extent. There are some parasites with woodworms that cause rashes upon being bitten. There have been some borers that are said to even cause cardiovascular as well as respiratory disorders in humans.

How can I get rid of borer infestation from the office?

To begin with, avoid any kind of moist furniture or wooden objects in your office. Keep all your office wood free from moisture. If there is a severe borer infestation then opt for borer treatment services by professionals. We also provide Birds Control and Bees and Wasps Control Services in Melbourne on the same day of booking.