Dairy Factory Melbourne

Importance of Clean and Hygienic Environment of Dairy Factories

When it comes to dairy industries, then pest emergencies are common in this sector. There are several kinds of pests ranging from ants, cockroaches, rodents and many more which are harmful and contaminate the food and water in the dairy industry. When it comes to controlling the pest, then it is important to choose the best solution that offers the complete removal of these kinds of pests. The environment of the dairy factory is so airtight and closed, that it becomes difficult to control the pest. Before opting for any of the ways, there is a need to check whether it had any side effects or not. The pests infestation is high usually in the dairy industries due to the dairy products. you need to hire Peters Pest Control for the professional pest control services which are safe and secure and had no side effects on the environment.

    Strategy On Which Our Technician Work to Control The Pests

    Removal of The Pests From The Area

    The first thing adopted by the experts is to prevent the infestation of the peats. This becomes possible only when the pests entrance is avoided in an area. For this experts seal all the sources from where the pest can be entered in an area.

    Removal of All The Food Sources

    The pest is attracted to the food sources in an area. It is important to remove all the eatable items to prevent the pests. In the case of dairy companies, the experts suggest putting all the items in an airtight container. This will ultimately lead to preventing the pests in an area.

    Identification of The Pest

    In case, if there are any pest in an area. Then before the application of any kind of treatment. It is important to identify the pest as different pest need different treatment for their control and complete eradication.

    Selection of The Right Treatment

    The experts select the best treatment according to the type of pests. The exact treatment at the exact time is only possible with the help of the professionals.

    Survey of The Area

    After the application of different pest control treatments. It needs to check whether the treatment had shown the desired results or not. The monitoring of the area is done that pests are removed or not.

    Ways Adopted By Our Experts to Control The Pest Infestation

    The several ways offered by Peters Pest Control to control the pest are as follows:

    Electronic Killers

    This is the conventional method of pest control in the dairy industry used by experts. This is the best equipment which is easy to use, and are attached to the walls. These electronic killers are equipped with the grids that are heated. When the pest comes in contact with these grids gets killed.


    This is the best method to avoid the contamination of dairy products due to pests. The dairy products are sterilized to kill and remove the bacteria and other allergens from the product. The sterilization of the products is done at a high temperature for 6 to 7 hours. The containers and equipment are sterilized to remove the allergens from the containers.

    Use The Vacuum Cleaner

    The cleaning is one of the best ways to eradicate the pests. The daily cleaning is important in the dairy factory. For this, the experts opt for the vacuum cleaning which collects the pests and removes them efficiently from the area.

    Use of Light Traps

    There are several pests which are nocturnal and are active in the night. Therefore, the best way to control the pests at night is to use light traps. These light traps are hanged at several places. At night when the light is on the insects and pests gets closer to this light. When they come in contact with these light traps they get killed.

    How Our Professional Can Assist You?

    The infestation of a different kind of pest is common in dairy factories. It is important to control these pests as they can contaminate the dairy products. The handling of pests in dairy industries become hectic because all the eatable items are prone to the pests. Therefore, as an expert it is important to control the pest in a way without affecting the environment. In that case, you contact Peters Pest Control which are the providers of technician s that offer you with the secure and safe pest control services at your location. We also provide Bed Bugs and Bees and Wasps Control Services in Melbourne on same day of booking.