Flea Control Melbourne

Flea Control Melbourne: Flea control is an open-ended process which can be done in multiple ways. First is waking up the fleas and spraying them with an effective chemical. These sprays are authorised for use by the insecticides board and marked safe for use near pets and children. Another way to get rid of these pests is by vacuuming. It is an ideal way to stir these tiny insects from their nests and pull them out of corners. After that they can be exterminated with commercial professional products such as flea bombs.

Fleas are distinguished as bouncing pests. Fleas have the ability to such out the blood from mammals and from some birds as well. Hire the renowned authorities of Peter Pest Control here you will get flea control treatments at a decent cost.

    How to Recognize Flea Infestations

    Flea Bites and Scratches –

    The biggest indicator of flea infestation in your home are small bites on your pet’s skin. These bites are itchy and cause them to scratch vigorously. In some cases, these bites can appear on your body as well. They generally appear in lower legs and feet.


    Another clue that indicates that you have flea in your home is flea cocoons. These cocoons are usually covered with dust and debris. You can spot them easily in clusters on their hosts (like your pets) and under your furniture. Flea cocoons look somewhat like clusters of coarse ground pepper.

    What Causes Flea Infestation?

    Fleas can jump over your pet’s hair from other pet or from gathered trash or lawn outside. While the fleas breed, more fleas can invade your house. They manage to sneak in bedcovers, upholsteries, and floor holes.

    How Flea Infestation is Harmful?

    Fleas largely feed on mammals but can snap and affect the health of people as well. Fleas can be tricky to eliminate from the house and can persist for longer than 100 days. Stings from fleas can cause allergic effects, but they will not oftentimes have a severe effect on an individual’s well-being.


    Dog Fleas Treatment

    Signs You Need Professional Flea Control

    Some pest infestations are small and less harmful than others. They can be dealt with commercial products available in stores or using do-it-yourself techniques. However, flea infestations should be handled only by pest control expert in Melbourne. Here are some signs which indicate you need to contact professional Peters Pest Control flea control service immediately–

    • The infestation was left unchecked and is widespread now
    • The extent and primary source of flea infestation is not known
    • Your family members or pets are having allergic reaction to fleas

    What You Can Expect From Peters Pest Control?

    You must be wondering what methods we use to tackle our flea control problems. Take a look at what our existing customers know about our services –

    Indoor Flea Treatment Melbourne

    Indoor treatment comprises of all areas in your home where fleas nest can be present. This also includes basements and even garages. Fleas are highly resistant pests. It is very important to deal with every possible corner where they might be hidden.

    Outdoor Flea Treatment Melbourne

    Most flea control companies focus only on inside treatment. But at Peters Pest Control Melbourne we believe the treatment of outdoor areas is necessary too. Pets spend a lot of time in gardens and yard, bringing fleas and eggs back again after indoor treatment. Our company also provides services to secure your homes in order to prevent any possible flea infestation in future.


    Cat Flea Treatments

    Contact Peters Pest Control Services

    Commercial store brand products cannot completely get rid of fleas from your homes. A professional flea control is the only way to effectively eradicate these tiny bugs from your property.

    At Peters Pest Control, we provide best in class flea control services throughout for premises both with and without pets. Our skilled experts are efficiently trained and equipped with the latest technology to skillfully address your pest problem. We also provide Bed Bugs and Flies Control Services in Melbourne on same day of booking.