Get Rid of Beehive Without Killing Them

Honey bees are much smaller in size as compared to wasp and hornet. The worker bees are nearly 0.4 to 0.6 inches long while their queen is not more than 2 cm long. The queen bee looks slightly different from the worker bees as she has a big stripe less abdomen. Hence a queen bee is much smaller than the queens of wasps and hornets cousin.

Beehives look good in the garden and trees. We terrified when we see it at our home, kitchen, corridor, balcony, garage or children’s play area. Their role in our habitat is truly significant. But still, we want to get rid of the same for the safety of our kids and pets.

Beehive Control Service
Beehive Control Service

Getting Rid of a Beehive from Your Apartment and Complex

We suggest you take the assistance of a professional pest control services to get rid of the bee menace. It is not advisable to try any extermination process on your own. The consequences can be fatal. You may land up with some serious problems. Honey bee colonies should never be exterminated. The professional bee pest control knows the better process to get rid of the bee infestation. You need professional beekeeper assistance to get rid of the beehive.

Below are a Few Things Which You Can Try to Get Rid of Bee Menace.

  • Smoke:

    Bees are very allergic to smoke. They cannot resist the smell of smoke. You can make some smoke to threaten them and make them shift their hive to some other place. Once the bee leaves the place you can very well remove the hive from your premises without danger.
  • Soap and Water Treatment:

    This is a great solution to eliminate beehive from your building. The waxy exterior of the bee get dissolved by the soap but they won’t drown. The process is good to protect their life and eliminating them at the same time. Hence it needs caution and skill to do the same. You may need Professional Pest Control in Sydney assistance if the beehive is a big one.

The safest way to get rid of a bee issue is to hire a professional bee pest control services. Do not try to apply any manual technique to remove the bees. The outcome can be hazardous for your life. Bees are flying insects. They do not do harm humans unless they are provoked. But there are some people who are allergic to bee bites. In that case, you need to remove the bees to resolve the issue entirely at once.

Expert Beehive Control
Expert Beehive Control

Book Our Peters Pest Control for The Best Results

Hire Peters Pest Control to say goodbye to bee for good.  We are the bee best pest control services at your area. We have a qualified team of professional having good knowledge of all types of insects and their behavior. Removing the pest through killing is our last resort. There are lots of techniques to get rid of a pest menace. We are not pricey. Rather we are the most cost-effective pest control service provider to make your life safe and easy. The safest way to get rid of a beehive is to call us now.

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