How To Get Rid Of Mice Naturally?

Mice are one of the types of rodents and they are usually found in places where there is food lying. They cause many health issues and creates a lot of damages to your property as well. They increase in number overnight. Usually, mice give 30 babies in a night. These mice get attracted to all the food items available in your home and spread the poison. So it is very important to get rid of these nasty creatures as soon as possible.

Rodent Control Services

Most of the homeowners use chemicals to remove mice from their home but these chemicals are very dangerous to your family and pets. It is better to use natural methods for mice removal. Besides this, you can get experts tips for Rodent Control by natural means. The most common homely methods which you can use to keep your home mice free are given below.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Mice

  1. Peppermint Oil:

    Peppermint oil is one of the best home remedies to keep mice away from your lovely home. The smell of peppermint oil is unbearable to mice and they always run out from such places wherever they find the odour of peppermint oil. All you have to do is take cotton balls and add a few drops of peppermint oil to it and keep it in the places wherever usually these mice are found. You will receive a very effective result and soon you will see no sign of this creepy pest in your place. 
  2. Onions:

    You may wonder how does onion keeps the mice away? Then to your surprise onion is the best natural repellent for mice. The odour of onion can drive these mice crazy and then will find their way to run out of your home. To use this method take some fresh onion and slice them. Keep these slices over the places like the entrance of your home or corners. Make sure you change the onion every day and use fresh one as if you do not change the onion then you may experience a very bad smell the next day. 
  3. Pepper:

    There are many home remedies for mice removal one among them is pepper. Pepper is usually found in every kitchen and mostly used in cooking. This remedy works wonderfully to get rid of mice. You can spray some pepper around your home and leave it for some time. Mice cannot tolerate the smell of pepper and they run away. Many mice are found dead after having the pepper accidentally. So this natural method can also be used for rodent removal.  
  4. Instant Potatoes:

    Instant potatoes are also used by many homeowners to kill the mice. You can sprinkle the instant potatoes everywhere and wait for the mice to eat it. The smell of the potatoes will attract the mice and they will end up eating it. Flakes of potatoes will swell up in their intestines and they gradually die. This is a little slow procedure but is the most effective way to kill these mice. Instant potatoes are available in every store so you can get them and use it to naturally kill the mice present in your home.
  5. Human Traps:

    Human traps are the most recommended and excellent way to catch these mice. If you don’t want to kill them then get a human trap and place it in your home. Ensure that you are keeping it in the places where mice are usually seen. To follow this trick, place some food inside the human trap which attracts the mice and leave it. Mice will get attracted to food and will enter the human traps and thus they get easily trapped. Later you can leave them far away from your home so that they can’t return to your place. 

Hire Professional Pest Control Service

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