Organic Pest Control Methods – Natural Ways To Treat Pests

If you own a plant or vegetable garden, you certainly have pests lingering here and there. Several pests can be found in a garden including fleas, ticks, spiders, rodents, bees and wasps. The best thing any home gardener can do to eliminate these annoying pests is by using organic pest control methods. These natural methods are a safe solution to treat pest infestation without hurting their surroundings. Here’s how you can keep pests away organically:

Organic Pest Control

Need For Organic Pest Control

Before we discover organic pesticides and remedies, let’s find out why organic pest control is important.

  • Natural pest control is safe for the environment including human beings, land, air, water, and animals. Organic pesticides don’t pollute air and water as compared to synthetic chemicals that contribute to greenhouse emissions and water contamination.
  • Many organic methods of pest control are much more effective than chemical formulations.
  • Organic pest infestation solutions do not pose health risks.
  • Most natural pesticides are non-staining and have low odor.
  • Natural pest control conserves biodiversity.

Eliminating Garden Pests Organically

Here a few natural solutions to eliminate garden insects within a week or two:

  1. Soap Spray – Make soap spray with liquid soap and water.
  2. Pepper-Garlic Spray – Make this spray by using garlic powder, pepper powder, and water. You can add dish soap to increase effectiveness.
  3. Mineral Oil Spray – Prepared by mixing water and mineral oil.
  4. Vegetable Oil Spray – Use it after mixing detergent, water, and vegetable oil.
  5. Chili Pepper Spray – Made with organic peppers, liquid soap, and water. One of the finest natural pesticides out there!
  6. Practice crop rotation.
  7. Always keep your garden and surrounding tidy.
  8. Use nets and screens to protect vegetables and plants.
  9. Grow plants like peppermint to keep insects like ants and aphids at bay. Also, plant neem trees and lavender.
  10. Use diatomaceous earth.

Treating Different Garden Pests Using Natural Methods

Organic Pest Control Service

Not all pest infestations can be treated by a common method. Check out specific methods for various garden pests:

  • Beetles: Handpicking or using essential oils like neem oil.
  • Snails and slugs can be eliminated by using diatomaceous earth.
  • Bugs: Practice good sanitation to keep bugs away. Using neem oil is very effective to get rid of them.
  • For Aphids, use natural pesticides like soap spray.
  • To eliminate worms, use screening and nets in the garden.

Seek A Professional 

We recommend you to seek a professional pest control in South Yarra company to get rid of those garden insects. Professionals use both natural and chemical solutions depending on the type of infestation. It’s advisable not to use chemical insecticides/pesticides yourself and hire a professional instead.

Hire Peters Pest Control For Natural Pest Control 

We at Peters Pest Control know what is best for home gardeners when it comes to treating pest infestation. We have certified pest controllers who can offer timely help before it’s too late. You can count on us to eliminate bees, bugs, worms, snails, etc. from your garden. Seek our affordable, safe, and effective pest control services right away!

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