What Causes Cockroach Infestation at Your Home?

Cockroaches are very commonly seen in households. But if they are persistent or just multiplying over time, then it’s alarming to call the expert team of pest control Melbourne to control their infestation.

Cockroaches do not cause any serious diseases by themselves but they carry many bacteria’s which are harmful for human life. To control them, it’s essential to know what causes their infestation.

Causes of Cockroaches Infestation:


Cockroaches cannot survive without moisture. This is the major reason why they are found most likely in the laundry rooms, bathroom, or kitchen. Pet’s water bowls, wet bathroom floors, leaky faucets are one of the major attractants for cockroaches. They are also found under the air conditioners or refrigerators due to condensation.

Uncovered Food Sources

Exposed food on the table counters attracts cockroaches. Food crumbs, or droppings of syrups spilled here and there also attracts them. But just covering the food is not a solution as cockroaches eat much other stuff. Starch, hair, decaying matter, paper etc are like ideal paradise for each one of them.


As we stated in the above point, cockroaches eat many other things than just food of kitchen. This indicates that clutter in the home also has many things that act as a food source to them. Also, they get a place to hide in if the home is full of clutter, for instance, piles of books, clothes or newspapers. This brings more roaches.

Trash Cans

Overflowing trash cans is a home to cockroaches. It’s a major food source to these scavengers. People usually don’t cover bins for its easy usage but this habit augments the chances of cockroach infestation by manifolds.
If the waste is dwelling outside of your home, there are high chances that these roaches would enter your place.

Crevices, Holes and Cracks

Flexibility of roaches can let them enter through even the narrowest and smallest holes, crevices and cracks with such an ease. They can certainly build their homes inside these holes.

Final Words,

After getting aware of the root causes of cockroach infestation, you can take preventive measures at home to exterminate them before the situation turns even worse. If these pests still persist, then availing the expert services of pest control Melbourne is the ultimate solution to get rid of the roaches.